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Mount Barker Community Library is an accredited eSmart Library and we are committed to help build skills and provide resources on how to be smart, safe and responsible online.

eSmart is a Partnership between the Telstra Foundation and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation and is one of the most significant community cybersafety initiatives ever undertaken in Australia – it is a behaviour change system for libraries to improve cybersafety and wellbeing and deal with cyberbullying.

The aim of eSmart is to:

  • Build skills
  • Change behaviour
  • Promote safe and responsible use of technology
  • Foster digital inclusion and a greater sense of wellbeing for the library community

For more information on how to stay smart, safe and responsible online, please have a look at some of these resources:

Australian Cyber Security Centre

Office of the Childrens eSafety Commissioner


Stay Smart Online

Think You Know

Further eSmart resources are available in the library.